Saturday, March 31, 2018

Mazda's Updated CX-3: An Example of What Tasteful Design Can Do for a Generally Boring Category—the Crossover

The crossover, or CUV, is not an automotive category that we're crazy about. We don't try to make that a secret around here. That said, it's also no secret that, at least relatively speaking, we are crazy about what Mazda has been doing design-wise recently. And the updated 2019 Mazda CX-3, which, interestingly, Mazda positions as a movement toward its next generation of vehicles, is a nice, if not earth-shattering, of what tasteful design can do for a category that, overall, is, well, shall we say somewhat lacking in the excitement department?

 To be fair, good photography can do a lot for a vehicle—just like a talented photographer can bring out stunning qualities in a model whom you might not give a second look if you happened to pass her on the street. The photo shown here of the updated CX-3, which Mazda revealed at the 2018 New York International Auto Show this week, is a case in point. The color—and Mazda's color selection is one of their current strong points—is a stunning flavor of red. The lighting flatters the CX-3s nuanced lines and curves. Mazda is among the brands that do the best job at creating promotional photos that present the most flattering possible views of their lineup.

Nevertheless, it's hard to deny that this CX-3 is one of the more visually appealing crossovers on the market now, and crossovers are, for better or worse, what the market really seems to want these days. And, if nothing else, this crossover shows us that practicality and "nice to look at" do not have to be mutually exclusive. The CX-3 is one of the few crossovers out there that are worthy of the proverbial "lookback" as you walk away from your vehicle in a parking lot,

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