Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Fiat Chrysler Reveals Another 2109 Teaser: This Time, It's the Dodge Charger Grille

Compares the grilles of 2018 and 2019 Dodge Charger models.
Left: today's 2019 Dodge Charger grille teaser. Right: 2018 Dodge Charger grille.
Photos: Fiat Chrysler media website.
After teasing the market last week with a glimpse of a dual-snorkel hood for the 2019 SRT Challenger Hellcat, Fiat Chrysler released another sneak peak today. This time, it was a tantalizing flash of another automotive orifice: the passenger side of a new grille for the 2019 Dodge Charger performance submodels.

With today's teaser, Fiat Chrysler continues to build out the "Sinister" theme they have been pushing of late in their marketing and public relations campaigns.

"Among the changes, high-performance Charger models get an all-new grille design, which extends the sinister-looking front end to accentuate visual width and reflects Charger customers’ continuous demand for standout exterior design," the automaker said, in a statement.

While the "Sinister" theme is a nice marketing device to help amp up the drama surrounding the 2019 model year rollout for Fiat Chrysler, we find the adjective to be just a smidge inadequate to describe the strong design points of the Dodge lineup—which, as some critics have argued, has been a bit overdue for a refresh.

Compared to what the competition is producing, Chrysler in our humble opinion is standing out from the crowd with designs that are tasteful and contemporary while more successfully capturing the heart and soul of the original muscle car generations.

Then again, being sinister and having good taste are by no means mutually exclusive.

And, lest we forget, Fiat Chrysler is also standing out by not giving up on passenger cars—especially large sedans.

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