Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spotting cool older cars: First-generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo

First-Generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Photo: Auto Enthusiasts Newsblaster
What it Is: First-generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1970-1972).
When Spotted: May 9, 2018.
Where Spotted: Somewhere in Pennsylvania.
Why It's Awesome: From a general perspective, the first-generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo is obviously a great looking car. But you've got to drive or ride in one of these to truly appreciate them. Like a lot just about all full-size GMs of the era, the Monte Carlo's ride was silky smooth. But compared to other GM models of the era like the Impala, these were built to deliver tighter handling, and their grip on the road felt rock solid—especially for a big car that was basically a two-door land yacht. As for this one specifically, it's great because it looks essentially like a well-preserved survivor. It may have had a repaint at some point, but it doesn't look like a recent one. It looks much more original than restored, although it does have aftermarket wheels and tires that are fatter than stock. But a survivor from this generation in this kind of condition is not a common site on the street these days.
Where You Could Buy One: There's a teal 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo advertised now on Autotrader, for sale in Michigan. Asking price: $15,995.

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