Thursday, December 6, 2018

‘All I want for Christmas is a… Hellcrate HEMI crate engine?’ Mopar offers holiday gift ideas for gearheads

Mopar Hellcrate HEMI engine
Photo: FCA US media website.
The idea of a 707-horsepower, 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI engine under the Christmas tree might be a bit much for some folks. But if you have a gearhead on your holiday shopping list—and $20,020 to spend—then why not?

A Hellcrate engine is one of a list of 12 suggested gift ideas that Mopar offered up in a press release yesterday. Alas, if the gearheads in your life are more likely to have visions of Hellephants than sugar-plums dancing in their heads on the night before Christmas, they’ll have to wait—because when FCA announced their new 1,000-horsepower Hellephant HEMI crate engine at SEMA this year, Steve Beahm, head of Mopar North America, said that it won’t be available until early 2019.

If splurging 20 grand for a Hellcrate HEMI crate engine as a holiday gift is a bit beyond your budget, no worries. Mopar’s gift suggestions span a wide price range, all the way down to $25 gift cards for Mopar apparel, with a lot of options in between, such as a $190 pet kennel sporting a choice of FCA brand logos or a Jeep Performance Parts LED light kit for $475.

The other gearhead gift suggestions from Mopar are:

  • A hoodie with the Mopar text logo on the left sleeve, $49.95
  • Road hazard/wheel and tire protection plans starting at $390
  • Maximum Care mechanical protection plans starting at $1,020
  • A Jeep Performance Parts snorkel, $665
  • “Lifestyle carriers” for bicycles, skis, and other cargo, ranging from $175-$575
  • Mopar-branded beverage tumblers, $11.95
  • Mopar tonneau truck-bed covers from $450-$1,400
  • Neon clocks featuring the Mopar “M” and HEMI logos, $79.95
  • A wireless earbuds/device charging pack combo with the Mopar Garage logo, $64.95
  • Truck bed storage systems with dual sliding doors, $1,400-$1,450, featuring lockable space for gear, supplies, and tools

Mopar says you can shop for these and other gearhead goodies for the holidays on their official website,, where the Store tab is the starting point for Mopar merchandise, and the Care tab for Mopar Vehicle Protection plan options.

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